We are looking for a new manufacturer for the Logical® custom moulded Sleep Apnea Masks
As seen on the New Inventors!

Collin Anderson with his award for winning on the New Inventors
As seen on the ABC's New Inventors program in 2011!
The Logical® Mask is custom moulded to suit your face!
The Logical® Mask has changed the lives of people around the world!
This shows the nostril protrusions that are moulded to each nostril's shape, hence the different sizes. This is truly custom made to suit the individual's face!!



Have you been searching the internet for the ACUREST TrueFIT Sleep Apnea Mask?

My name is Collin Anderson and I am the inventor of the original and still the world's best custom made sleep apnea mask. I appeared on the ABC New Inventors program, in Australia, on the 22nd June 2011 and had some fabulous comments from the panel including Dr Fiona Woods on the night. The video to the program can be found to the right of this text, or you can follow this link to the ABC website. Many mask sales were generated from this television exposure.
Please take the time to watch this video to see a truly remarkable product and learn how you can sleep and be comfortable all night with a CPAP mask.
I had developed this mask over many years and I had it trademarked Logical® and sold it to many sleep apnea sufferers. However, when I sold a license to manufacture this mask to a company in Queensland, Australia, they decided to change the name to TrueFIT. Many of my masks were manufactured and sold under the TrueFIT name over the last four years.
I am now wanting to inform all clients, past and future, that my custom made sleep apnea mask the Logical® is looking for a new manufacturer to take it globally. The potential for this product is huge, and if you are interested in this type of venture then please contact me at maskman6275@gmail.com.
Past and prospective clients may leave their details using the contact us form, if you would like to be added to the list of clients wanting a custom moulded Logical® mask. We will pass this list on to the future manufacturer so that they may contact you directly, if you wish.
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  • is unequalled in comfort, because the mask is custom made to your exact facial shape
  • eliminates leakage due to our patented design features
  • is so light and secure as sealing doesn't depend on excessive head strap pressure
  • allows you to sleep comfortably on either side without the mask dislodging
  • is quicker and easier to clean as it is a one piece mask. No dismantling required
  • is the quietest mask available in the world
  • will accept all makes and models of CPAP